Part 5: Organizational Action and Safe Sport

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Another stakeholder in Canada’s sport system are sport organizations. This includes national sport organizations (NSOs), provincial/territorial sport organizations (P/TSOs), community sport organizations (CSOs), multi-sport organizations (MSOs) and other groups that coordinate and implement sporting activities nationwide. In Part 5, authors from two sport organizations provide unique insight on the safe sport movement and offer suggestions on how to move forward in this journey towards safe sport. Chapter 11 written by Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES) representatives Kasey Liboiron and Karri Dawson explains the True Sport approach to values-based sport which aims to instill character in participants, strengthen the communities where sport is played, and increase opportunities for personal and podium excellence. This chapter argues that an intentional, fundamental change in culture is required across the sport system to ensure a safe sport experience for all. Similarly, Chapter 12 written by Ellen MacPherson, PhD, and Ian Moss on behalf of Gymnastics Canada provides an overview of the process of developing a Safe Sport Framework, discusses the implementation of safe sport initiative by the NSO, reviews the challenges Gymnastics Canada faced, and suggests critical areas of focus with resources to bolster students’ and industry professionals’ safe sport toolkits. 


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