List of Videos

Chapter 1

Video 1.1 Julie Stevens: A Summary of the Athletes’ Voices Panel

Video 1.2 Julie Stevens: A Summary of the Governance and System Re-Engineering Panel

Chapter 2

Video 2.1 Erin Willson: Body Image and Belittling Athletes

Video 2.2 Allison Forsyth: What is Complicity?

Video 2.3 Danielle Lappage: Attending the AthletesCAN Safe Sport Summit

Video 2.4 Camille Bérubé: An Athlete’s Perspective on Safe Sport

Video 2.5 Neville Wright: An Athlete’s Perspective on Racial Discrimination in Sport

Video 2.6 Erin Willson: The Definition of Safe Sport

Chapter 3

Video 3.1 Bruce Kidd: Sport and the Struggle for Inclusion

Video 3.2 Bruce Kidd: The Fight for Gender Equity in Canadian Sport

Video 3.3 Bruce Kidd: The Long Struggle for Safe Sport

Chapter 4

Video 4.1 National Sports Governance Observer: Play the Game

Video 4.2 Peter Donnelly: Athletes Rise

Chapter 11

Video 11.1 A Recipe for Good Sport

Video 11.2 The Power of True Sport

Video 11.3 True Sport Lives Here Manitoba

Video 11.4 The Ride Home

Chapter 14

Video 14.1 Safe Sport Training Promo, CAC

Video 14.2 Isabelle Cayer: Sport is in a Culture Renovation

Video 14.3 Isabelle Cayer: Support Through Sport Series

Chapter 17

Video 17.1 Gretchen Kerr: Why Safe Sport Now?

Video 17.2 Gretchen Kerr: Athletes’ Fear of Repercussions

Video 17.3 Gretchen Kerr: Studying Athletes’ Willingness to Report Incidents

Video 17.4 Gretchen Kerr: The Duty to Report Concerns in Sport



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