List of Tables

Chapter 2

Table 2.1 Maltreatment Types and Examples

Chapter 7

Table 7.1 Overlap Between Definitions of Maltreatment under UCCMS and Canadian Criminal Laws

Table 7.2 Summary of Duty to Report under Provincial/Territorial (P/T) Child Welfare Legislation

Chapter 8

Table 8.1 Safeguards for Ensuring Arbitrator Independence and Impartiality in Sport Maltreatment Cases

Chapter 9

Table 9.1 International Comparison of Scope of Review and Procedural Rules

Table 9.2 Summary of CAS and SDRCC Confidentiality Rules

Table 9.3 Purposes of Disclosing Arbitration Decisions and Relevant Considerations

Table 9.4 Privacy Rules in Sport Maltreatment Arbitration Context

Chapter 10

Table 10. 1 Grounds for Setting Aside an Arbitration Decision

Chapter 12

Table 12.1 GymCan Key Objectives for Safe Sport Advocacy Initiatives

Chapter 17

Table 17.1 Summary of Canadian Prevalence Study of National Team Member Maltreatment Experiences


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