54 Pressbooks Updates

BCcampus maintains a Pressbooks Updates page to help keep the community informed of what’s going on with Pressbooks.

See Pressbooks Updates for information about the BCcampus instances of Pressbooks, including:

  • The current Pressbooks version
  • Link to the Pressbooks change log
  • Information on reporting issues
  • Dates and information for upcoming and past updates
  • Detailed descriptions of significant changes and updates to the Pressbooks platform

Information of about Pressbooks updates is also sent out through a Pressbooks email distribution list. Everyone who has created a Pressbooks account in the pressbooks.bccampus.ca instance of Pressbooks should be on this list. If you have a BCcampus Pressbooks account and are not receiving these emails (but would like to be), email helpdesk@bccampus.ca, and ask to be added to the PB Notifications distribution list.


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