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Pressbooks allows you to export a book into different file formats such as PDF, EPUB, MOBI, and more.[1] Export options are found in the Export tab in the Dashboard menu.

"" See Export and PDF Export and Options in the Pressbooks Userguide.

PDF: blank pages

If a book has unnecessary blank pages in the PDF file:

  1. Go the the Dashboard menu
  2. Under the Appearance tab select “Theme Options” and then the PDF Options tab.
  3. Scroll down this page and select “No blank pages.”
  4. Save changes.

IMPORTANT: This option is only available for the Digital PDF file, not the Print PDF version.


PDF formats: print vs. digital

When exporting different file types, there are two PDF options to choose from:

  • PDF (for print)
  • PDF (for digital distribution)

Here are the differences between the two:

Characteristics PDF (Print) PDF (Digital)
Purpose Designed for printing. Blank pages are inserted where expected for print outputs. Internal navigation links will not work. Designed for reading on an electronic device and sharing online. Internal navigation links will work.
Pressbooks Icon Colour red green
File Name/Extension print.pdf .pdf
Image Resolution high (print quality: 300 dpi) lower (web quality: 72 dpi)
File Size Larger Smaller

Validation error reports

On the Export Settings page, a book Administrator has the option to receive validation error logs for exported files.

To enable this feature:

  1. On the Dashboard menu, select the Settings tab and click “Export.”
  2. By “Email Validation Logs” select “Yes. Email me validation error logs on export.”
  3. Click “Save Changes.”


If errors are detected in any of the exported files, a validation error report—one for each file type that contains an error—is sent to the email associated with the Pressbooks account of the person who exported the files.

MORE TO COME: Information on how to interpret validation error logs and make corrections to a book will be added when available.

  1. Books published by BCcampus are exported in all available formats.


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