56 Pressbooks Training Webinars

BCcampus Open Education offers Pressbooks Training Webinars to post-secondary faculty and staff in British Columbia and the Yukon.

Webinars are scheduled every six to eight weeks during the fall and spring terms for a total of five or six each year. Each session is comprised of a one-hour Introduction webinar followed by a one-hour Intermediate webinar.

For faculty and staff who do not have experience using Pressbooks, it is strongly recommended they take the Introduction webinar before the Intermediate session. These two webinars are conveniently scheduled so they can be taken on the same day. Registrants are referred to this Pressbooks Guide and the BCcampus FAQs (see Main Topics: Pressbooks) as support resources and are encouraged to review these in advance of the class.

These webinars are not only learning opportunities for users, but also a chance for BCcampus Open Education to hear questions and receive feedback with the goal of improving the support materials we create and maintain for Pressbooks users.


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