Welcome to the DeGroote MBA Program!

The DeGroote School of Business is pleased to welcome you to Canada! We have put together this handbook to provide you with an overview of some of the key questions that international MBA students have when coming to Canada. As this is just an overview, you are encouraged to visit McMaster University’s International Student Services Office (ISS) website for further information.

(Please keep in mind that the information on the ISS International Student Services website has been written for McMaster’s international undergraduate student population who live in Hamilton and study on the main McMaster campus. Some suggestions or policies may not apply to you as an MBA student. If you are unsure about anything that you read in that handbook, please contact the International Student Services Office at iss@mcmaster.ca. For questions related to the 2024 Handbook for International MBA Students, please contact MBA Programs Team at mba.studentexperience@mcmaster.ca.)


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