5 Arriving at Pearson International Airport in Toronto and Getting to Your Destination

When booking your flight, you may want to avoid arriving on a national holiday as most offices and shops, including McMaster University, will be closed.

Most of you will be flying into the Pearson International Airport in Toronto, Ontario. Some of you may choose to spend a few days touring Toronto. However, if you are coming straight to Burlington or Hamilton from the airport, Pearson International Airport has a wonderful webpage summarizing your transportation options including:

  • Airport shuttles that you can pre-book before you arrive in Canada. Airways Transit can be booked ahead of time through their website. Shuttles are public and make multiple-passenger drop-offs.
  • Airport taxis and limousines that you can find at the airport arrival gates. We recommend negotiating with the driver to decide on a flat rate (price) to get to your destination. Please note, airport taxis and limousines tend to be a more expensive option compared to airport shuttles.
  • Uber – by downloading the app, you can request a pick-up. After entering your end destination, your estimated fare will appear. You can choose to accept the quoted fare and ride.

Tipping: Canadians often tip for the services of a shuttle, taxi, or rideshare (such as Uber). A 15% tip is a common amount. While tipping is customary, it is still your personal choice as to whether or not you leave a tip. If you are unsatisfied with the service you have received, you are not under an obligation to tip.


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