19 Dining and Restaurants

Where to Eat On Campus (Burlington)

The RJC Cafe is located on the main floor of the Ron Joyce Centre (Burlington campus) and services breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks for affordable prices. Food options include pastries, fruit, snacks, salads, soups, sandwiches and wraps, pizza, hot meals, coffee, and tea. A microwave and a fridge are also available on the second floor in the student lounge if you wish to bring your own lunch from home.

Where to Eat Off Campus

There are numerous restaurants within driving distance of the Ron Joyce Centre in Burlington if you have a car and wish to go out for lunch. There are also fantastic restaurants in Hamilton to try if you will be living in Hamilton. Connect with your fellow students and MBA Student Experience staff members when you arrive to find out what our best recommendations are!

Tipping Etiquette When Dining In Restaurants

Tipping is expected when seated for service in restaurants and bars in Canada, especially if you are pleased with the service provided. Tips usually range from 15-20%. You are not expected to tip when receiving counter-service (for example, at the RJC Cafe). Here is an article from blogTo that goes into more details on tipping etiquette in Canada, from restaurants to hotel services.


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