Chapter 8 – Audio Script

Good morning. Let me start with a question. When you think about a greasy burger, do you get hungry … or do you feel a little sick? (chuckle)  Many of my classmates do not like to eat fast food because it is unhealthy. However, sometimes we can’t cook, and we need to grab something quick to eat.  In this presentation, I will give you 3 suggestions for how to eat fast food and still be healthy.

First, you can choose healthy options. Yes, burger joints have lots of greasy and sugary foods like French fries and milkshakes. But they also have healthy options on their menus. For example, Wendy’s has a delicious salad with apples, pecans and chicken.  Another example is at McDonald’s. For breakfast you can order a fruit and yogurt parfait. Fresh fruit and yogurt is a great, healthy way to start your day.

Second, you can get fast food at the grocery store. Most large grocery stores have a prepared food section with healthy foods. For example, many stores sell sushi. It’s fresh, delicious, and convenient!  Another example is roasted chicken. You can buy a whole chicken already cooked. And for a side dish, you choose from their many salads or other healthy dishes like rice or mashed potatoes.

Third, if you need to order food or grab something prepared, try an international restaurant. For example, the Japanese restaurant at the food court in the mall uses fresh vegetables in their dishes. Or what about a Mexican fast food restaurant? Tacos and burritos, for example, often have beans and other vegetables.

In conclusion, fast food is not good to eat all the time, but sometimes it’s necessary or helpful. I talked about 3 ways to stay healthy when eating fast food. Let’s review them. First, you can choose healthy options. Next, you can buy your fast food at the grocery store. And finally, you can eat international fast food. I hope this advice is helpful. Thank you for listening.


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