12.2 Listening

Strategy: Listening for Transitions

In Unit 2, we practiced listening for transitions. These can be numbers, like first, second, or third. They can also be words like next, or in addition. Transitions show how information is organized.

  • Good presenters use transitional phrases when they introduce a main idea.
  • Transitional phrases tell you that a new idea is coming next. For note taking, it is important to write down these main ideas.
  • In presentations, you often hear transition phrases like these:
Transitional Phrases: 1. Now I want to tell you about 2. Next, let me share 3. Now let's talk about 4. Let's move on to
Transitional phrases that introduce a main idea.

Text alternative

Listen and take notes.

The speaker will talk about interesting things to do in a city, and he will share some differences between this city and his current city.

Listen for the transitional phrases (above). When you hear them, you know a main idea is coming next.

Cape Town

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