6.2 Listening

Strategy: Listening while Reading

When you listen, your ears and brain work together.

Your ears hear sounds.

Your brain turns the sounds into words and tries to understand what they mean.

This process is called decoding language.

One way to practice decoding is to listen while reading the script.


Today we will listen in 2 steps:

First Listening

  • Listen to the entire audio file once. Do not stop.
  • Put your pencil down. Do not take notes. Just listen.
  • When you finish listening, tell a partner anything you remember.¬† (ex. “I heard the number 6.” “I think she talked about a shirt.”)


Second Listening

  • Go through the 10 slides. Listen to each part of the conversation as many times as you like.
  • Read as you listen. Focus on understanding the sounds, words, and meaning.
  • Drag the words you hear into the correct spots.
  • Click here to find the slides.


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Samuel Dixon. (2016, August 5). Portrait Ear. [Photograph]. Pixabay. Reused under Unsplash License. Adapted by L. Conley.


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