Chapter 2 – Text alternative

Which do you prefer?

Option 1:

a. hiking alone

b. hiking with friends


Option 2:

a. painting

b. bungee jumping


Option 3:

a. having dinner with 1 or 2 best friends

b. having a BBQ with many friends and neighbours


Option 4:

a. walking in nature

b. going to an amusement park


Option 5:

a. writing a report

b. giving a presentation


Option 6:

a. listening to your favourite music

b. going to a live concert


Option 7:

a. texting

b. talking on the phone


If you choose mostly “a”, you are introverted.

Introverted: You are thoughtful. You like doing calm or quiet activities. You are a good friend. You are happy to be alone sometimes.


If you chose mostly “b”, you are outgoing.

Outgoing: You are social. You are happy with other people. You like to try new things. You are fun to be with.


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