Chapter 4 – Audio Script

Hey Rosie! How’s is going?

Hi Fahad! I’m good, you?

Same. What have you been up to?

Not much. I’m busy with my studies and my family. How about you?

Lots of schoolwork. Lately I’ve been doing a research project about Serena Williams.

She’s my favourite tennis player! What have you learned?

Well, she started playing tennis when she was only 4. Her father was her first coach.

Wow, she’s been playing for a long time!

Yup. She was born in 1981, so she’s…let me think… in her 40s now. In that time, she has won many games and many tournaments. She has 39 major titles, and don’t forget about her 4 Olympic Gold medals.

That’s a lot of winning! I think she earned a lot of money for those titles, right?

Yes, she is the world’s highest-paid woman athlete of all time. Her prize money is over 94 million dollars.

That’s incredible.  Did you also learn about her personal life?

Yes, I did. She’s married, and they have a daughter who was born in 2017. Her name is Olympia, and she’s super cute.

I bet!

And I know her favourite food is fried chicken, and also sushi. But I don’t think she eats them together!

No, fried chicken and sushi wouldn’t be good together. How about her hobbies? What does she do when she’s not playing tennis or training?

In her free time, she likes reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family – just like you or me. Oh, something I found interesting was that she also speaks French! Many people were surprised in 2013 when she gave a speech at the French Open in French.

Cool. And I think she is passionate about fashion, right?

That’s right. She is known for her colourful tennis outfits, and she designs clothes. Also, she’s crazy about football.

Hmm…she plays tennis and watches football. Interesting. Hey, I know that a lot of famous people use their money to help people. For example, they donate to charities. Does Serena do any charity work?

Yes, she gives money to different charities. I know about 13 of them, such as “Common Ground Foundation” and UNICEF.


She also uses social media to talk about social problems – especially equality. For example, she talks about the discrimination she experienced as a woman and as a black tennis player.

Yes, I think it was not easy for her to be a woman and a black person in tennis. I love hearing about people helping others. You know, I am volunteering at the foodbank these days.

Oh, great! The foodbank is a wonderful charity. In fact, that reminds me that I have a donation to drop off.

I can take it for you.

Wonderful! Thanks.

It was great seeing you. Let’s get together again soon.

Sounds great.


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