Chapter 5 – Audio Script

Hello everyone. Isn’t it a beautiful spring day?  Spring is my favourite season. It’s when the snow melts, and flowers start to grow. The world begins to wake up from its winter sleep. There are many special days in spring.  Today I want to tell you about three holidays we celebrate in Canada in the spring.

First, let’s talk about Earth Day. Earth day happens every year on April 22. On Earth Day there are activities focused on the environment. People celebrate this in different ways. Children learn about taking care of the planet in school. Families and individuals often decide on something they can do to help the Earth  

Here are three popular ways to celebrate Earth Day. First, you can plant something. A lot of people plant a tree or a vegetable garden on Earth Day.  Second, you can turn off lights for one hour. On Earth Day, some people don’t use electricity for one hour. They light candles and read books instead of using computers or watching TV.  Third, you can walk. Some people choose to walk or ride a bike instead of driving.  Of course, we can do these things anytime, but Earth Day is a great day to start a new positive habit to help the Earth. 

The second special day I will talk about is Mother’s Day. Do people celebrate Mother’s Day in your home country? When is it? In Canada, Mother’s Day is the second Sunday of May each year. So the date always changes, but it’s always on a Sunday, and it’s always in May. Mother’s Day is about celebrating the special women in our lives. This includes grandmothers, aunts, or other special women.

Let’s look at four popular things people do on Mother’s Day. First, you can take mom out for dinner…or order food in. This way mom doesn’t have to cook on Mother’s Day. Second, you can send a card and flowers. People who don’t live near their mothers often send a card in the mail, or they order flowers to be delivered. Third, you can make a gift. Children especially love to make something to give to their mom. It might not be beautiful or useful, but mom will love it anyway. Fourth, you can let mom sleep in. This is my favourite. On Mother’s day, I like to sleep until 10:00. 

Finally, the third special day I will tell you about is Victoria Day.  Victoria Day is also in May, but it’s on a Monday.  The date changes, but it is always close to May 24th. This is an actual holiday. That means many people don’t have to work on this day. Some people call it the May 2-4 Weekend. My sister calls it the May Long Weekend. 

What are common activities on Victoria Day? First, you can go camping. Camping is a very popular activity on the Victoria Day weekend. Unfortunately, May weather is unpredictable. Sometimes the weather is hot, but sometimes it is cold.  Second, you can go hiking. I love to go hiking on Victoria Day with my friends and family. It’s great exercise. Third, you can watch fireworks. Some cities have fireworks for Victoria Day. My city doesn’t, but I often hear people lighting fireworks in my neighbourhood!  

In conclusion, we have talked about some ways people celebrate Earth Day, Mother’s Day, and Victoria Day in Canada. Which of these activities might you try this spring?


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