Chapter 10 – Audio Script

Hey Maya. I love your sweater!

Thanks! I got it at the thrift store downtown.

Thrift store?

Yes. Some people call it a secondhand shop, or a charity shop.

Oh! You mean a store that sells used items?

That’s right. People donate things they no longer use, and the store resells them. I love thrift shopping!


Well, for one, it’s affordable! This sweater, for example, cost me only $4.

Four dollars? That’s incredible!

Right? And the money goes to a non-profit, or a charity instead of a large corporation. So my money is going to a good cause.

Mmm. That’s true.

Also, shopping at thrift stores is good for the environment.


Well, think of it this way. I read that it takes 7600 litres of water to produce a new pair of jeans. But if I buy a used pair of jeans, it saves all that water. Plus, those old jeans don’t go to the landfill.

I see. Buying used items uses fewer resources.

Exactly. But my favourite thing about thrift shopping is that it feels like an adventure every time.

Shopping? An adventure?

Yes! Thrift shops sell whatever is donated. So you never know what you will find. I often find treasures or unique items. You know that beautiful painting in my living room?

Don’t tell me… you got it at a thrift shop?


Really? What else?

Oh, nearly everything. This bag, these earrings… Thrift shopping is my number one hobby. Almost everything I wear and most of the things in my home are thrifted.

Wow. Hey, do you think I can go with you next time you head to a thrift shop?

Absolutely! Actually, I’ve got time right now. Are you free?

I sure am. Let’s go!

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