10.2 Listening

Strategy: Summarize

  • Summarize means to say something concisely. It involves retelling only the key points.
  • Summarizing after listening is a great way to check your understanding.
  • Focus on the speaker’s purpose. What are they trying to say? What are the main ideas?


1. Listen and Talk

Listen to the conversation once.  Don’t take notes. Just listen.

–> Tell a partner what you remember. ex. “Maya loves shopping.” “She bought earrings.”


2. Listen and Write

Listen again. You can take notes if you wish.

–> With a partner, try to explain what the conversation was about in 1-3 sentences.

  • Two friends are talking about…
  • Maya loves thrift shopping because…
  • She says thrift shopping is good because…

3. Listen and Read

Listen again. This time, follow along with the script.

–> With a partner, revise your summary (1-3 sentences about the conversation).

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