8.3 Supporting the Bereaved

Two people seated on a sofa with Matisse art prints on wall. Woman with clipboard consoles unhappy man by patting his shoulder.
Woman consoling man.

There’s no perfect combination of words that will take away a grieving person’s pain, but there are ways we can support them and show we care (Cruz, 2019). Calling, texting, or showing up face-to-face, for instance, are some of the best things we can do for someone who is grieving (Cruz, 2019). We can also send cards and/or gifts, anticipate their needs, check up on them, and listen with compassion (Grief, n.d; Cruz, 2019). There are, however, things that should be avoided, including: trying to “fix” their grief, not saying the deceased person’s name, making it about us (Cruz, 2019), and/or encouraging them to “move on” (See video below).

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In the following TED talk, writer and podcaster Nora McInerny discusses life and death,  encouraging us to shift how we approach grief.


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