7.10 Chapter Assignment

End of Life Care Assignment

In this chapter you learned about various options for end-of-life care, including hospice care, palliative care and medical assistance in dying (MAiD). The chapter’s assignment involves doing some research and writing a report on a local organization that provides palliative (at home or in a dedicated health care facility), hospice, and/or MAiD-related services. It is important to complete all chapter materials (chapter content, including all embedded links to readings and videos, and the required course materials) prior to starting the assignment.

Assignment Formatting & Style for Written Report

  • Assignment formatting requirements: Arial 12-point font; 1 inch/2.54 centimeter margins; single spaced; APA in-text citation style, reference section and cover page.
  • Use proper essay/paragraph style.
  • Paraphrase as opposed to relying on direct quotes.
  • Proofread your submission to make sure it is clear, well written and intelligible.

Steps to Completing the Assignment

  1. Find a local organization/service to focus on for your assignment.
  2. Conduct research on that organization/service.
  3. Write a 750-1000 word essay where you address the following questions:
    1. When and where did this organization originate?
    2. What was/were the motivation(s) for the development of this organization/service?
    3. Who/what oversees the running of this organization/service?
    4. How is the organization funded? Are they private or public? Are there fees tied to the service(s) provided? If so, what are they?
    5. What type of care does this organization provide?
    6. How does one go about accessing the care services provided? What criteria must be met in order to receive the care this organization provides?
    7. Is this a stand-alone organization/service or is it connected with other associated services? If connected to others, what are the inter-connections? How are the connections meant to assist people who are ill and/or near the end-of-life and their loved ones. Is there more than one location? Where?
    8. Can you volunteer for these organizations? If so, what is the application process?
  4. Support information/points you make in your essay with in-text citations that reference the materials you have found in your research, and those that are in the chapter. In-text citations that source/support your information/points are essential and required. Be sure to use a diverse range of materials as opposed to relying heavily on one, or a few sources.
  5. Develop an APA style reference section for all material cited (only material cited in the body of the paper can be included in a reference section).

Assignment Submissions must Include

  1. A proper APA style cover page.
  2. An essay in which you address the questions detailed in C above.
  3. A reference section containing cited material, both chapter materials and those you found in your research.


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