Chapter Reviews

Current University of Windsor students and recent graduates reviewed and provided feedback on the chapters in this eCampus Pressbook. The following are the brief overall feedback summaries provided for each chapter.

Chapter 1 Review

“An enlightening introduction to the very ‘taboo’ topic of death and dying; from this chapter, students will definitely take-away lots of very applicable and healthy information” (Alyssa Woodbridge).

Chapter 2 Review

“Chapter 2 is an insightful chapter on historical beliefs and death-related practices. Students can expect to expand their knowledge on fascinating rituals across the globe, and in their own communities” (Alyssa Woodbridge)

Chapter 3 Review

“This chapter is an intriguing chapter that provides students with an awareness of a variety of cultural rituals and practices that they may not be familiar with; students will be able to appreciate diverse practices from all around the world” (Alyssa Woodbridge).

Chapter 4 Review

“This chapter does a great job of highlighting some important topics regarding the disposal of bodies after death; the chapter assignment is a very unique and healthy way of facilitating students to explore these topics as they relate to their own end-of-life plans” (Alyssa Woodbridge).

Chapter 5 Review

“With the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chapter 5 covers very relevant material for students to compare and construct past plagues, pandemics, and mass death events” (Alyssa Woodbridge).

Chapter 6 Review

This chapter helps students understand genocide through both the U.N. definition and the stories of individuals who have been directly impacted by these atrocities” (Chantelle Dagley).

Chapter 7 Review

All in all, this chapter enlightens one on the reality of what is to come when someone is near death. It discusses the different options/routes one may take when they are known to essentially lose their battle in due time. This chapter really draws on one’s own experience and own opinion regarding end-of-life possibilities and ensures to emphasize on the opinion of the person with lived experience” (Olivia Mirisola).

Chapter 8 Review

Chapter 8: Grief, Loss & Bereavement allows readers to better understand the definition of grief and how to properly support someone who recently went through a loss. Grief is something very personal, that most people feel as if they are going through it a lone and feel as if no one can understand how they are feeling. The chapter helps readers know how to support the bereaved in a way that does not excuse the emotions they are feeling, and that does not make them feel as if they need to move on right away. It has engaging videos from speakers who define and explain grief in their own ways and includes engaging and easy-to-read articles that can help readers understand grief on their own” (Yara El-Houssami).

Chapter 9 Review

“This chapter is an enlightening chapter that highlights the types of memorials, commemoration, and remembrance rituals, in the past and present, all around the world” (Alyssa Woodbridge).

Chapter 10 Review

“Critically engages students in discussions surrounding advanced care plans, substitute decision makers, Wills and how to discuss end of life care and planning with family members. Students gain knowledge surrounding the processes involved in death and dying, and the benefits of early planning and open conversations” (Holly Deckert).


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