6.8 Chapter Assignment

Genocide Assignment

This chapter’s materials focused on four of the larger and more well-known genocides. For this assignment you are required to choose another genocide (not among the four focused on in this chapter) and write a short essay in which you answer several questions about that genocide. It is important to complete all chapter materials (chapter content, including all embedded links to readings and videos, and the required course materials) prior to starting the assignment.

Assignment Formatting & Style for Written Report:

  • Assignments formatting requirements: Arial 12-point font; 1 inch/2.54 centimeter margins; single spaced; APA in-text citation style, reference section and cover page.
  • Use proper essay/paragraph style.
  • Clearly indicate which genocide you have chosen for your assignment.
  • Paraphrase as opposed to relying on direct quotes.
  • Proofread your submission to make sure it is clear, well written and intelligible.

Assignment Submissions Must Include

  1. Proper APA style cover page.
  2. Written report addressing the questions below.
  3. Proper APA reference section that contains all the material cited in the assignment.

Steps to Completing the Assignment

  1. Identify a genocide that is not among the four focused on in the chapter materials.
  2. Research the identified genocide and find a minimum of 6 sources (in addition to the chapter materials) to help you to answer the assignment questions. No more than 2 of the sources can be media-type resources. At least 2 of your sources must be from academic, peer-reviewed sources (i.e., journal articles). The remainder can come from online reports from government and non-governmental organizations (i.e., NGOs).
  3. Write a 1000-word essay (give or take 100 words) on the genocide you have identified that answers the questions below (the questions need to all be addressed in your paper, but do not need to be answered in order).
  4. Support the points/arguments you make in your answers with in-text citations that reference the materials you have found in your research and those that are in the chapter. In-text citations to support your points/arguments are essential and required. Be sure to use a diverse range of materials as opposed to relying heavily on one, or a few sources.
  5. Develop an APA style reference section for all material cited (only material cited in the body of the paper can be included in a reference section).

Assignment Questions

  1. What is the name of the genocide you identified?
  2. When and where did the genocide occur?
  3. How long did it last?
  4. Who was targeted? How/in what way were they targeted?
  5. What occurred? For example, how were the victims stereotyped, scapegoated, blamed, targeted, discriminated against, dehumanized?
  6. Which social, economic, and political factors played a role in the genocide? How did they play a role/what role did they play?
  7. How many people were killed?
  8. How did the genocide end?
  9. How were the perpetrators brought to justice? If they were not, why not?
  10. Is this mass killing event officially classified as a genocide? How does it fit the United Nations criteria for genocide? How does it not?


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