7.9 Required Course Materials

In addition to the videos and reading links embedded into the chapter, you are required to complete the following course material: 

Required Course Viewings

Canadian Virtual Hospice. (January 21, 2008). Canadian Virtual Hospice palliative care video [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/ZWLoQkJD0WA

Covenant Health Canada (October 3, 2019). What is palliative care [Video]. YouTube. https://youtu.be/Mc5ImaOciR4

Goldman, B. (Host). (August 24, 2018). White coat black art [Audio podcast episode]. ‘Going out with my boots on’: Tim Regan used his last days to lobby for a clearer path to assisted death. CBC Radio. https://podcast-a.akamaihd.net/mp3/podcasts/whitecoat-h0SkFJP9kp6abaN.mp3

Required Course Readings

Aleccia, J. (May 15, 2019). ‘Living their values’: Palliative care power couple faces cancer at home. KHN. https://khn.org/news/living-their-values-palliative-care-power-couple-faces-cancer-at-home/

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Grant, M., Collins, A. & Philip, J. (October 29, 2017). What is palliative care? A patient’s journal through the system. TheConversation.com. https://theconversation.com/what-is-palliative-care-a-patients-journey-through-the-system-82246

Gunderman, R. (January 12, 2015). Last wishes add clear choices: learning how to talk about end-of-life care. TheConversation.com. https://theconversation.com/last-wishes-and-clear-choices-learning-how-to-talk-about-end-of-life-care-35665

Hannig, A. (June 2, 2020). Dying virtually: Pandemic drives medically assisted deaths online. TheConversation.com. https://theconversation.com/dying-virtually-pandemic-drives-medically-assisted-deaths-online-139093

Lupton, A. (October 26, 2021). Funeral homes pivot to offer rooms for medically assisted deaths. CBC News. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/london/funeral-homes-pivot-to-offer-rooms-for-medically-assisted-deaths-1.6224353

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Wilhelm, T. (August 24, 2018). Windsor’s first death doula helps people plan their exits. Windsor Star. https://windsorstar.com/news/local-news/windsors-first-death-doula-helps-people-plan-their-exits#:~:text=Whether%20it’s%20planning%20a%20living,help%20people%20do%20dying%20right.

Wilkinson, D. & Savulescu, J. (April 27, 2021). End-of-life care: People should have the option of general anaesthesia as they die. TheConversation.com. https://theconversation.com/end-of-life-care-people-should-have-the-option-of-general-anaesthesia-as-they-die-159653


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