We can no longer rely on the evolving job-market, as fewer permanent jobs become our reality. That is why, in order to create our own successes and generate new opportunities, we need to take a practical approach to the direction of our futures by being “careerpreneurs.” This is an idea presented by the Career Professionals of Canada in which you independently manage your own career path. Instead of waiting for your future to magically fall into your lap, it becomes imperative that you take a more assertive approach to finding valuable experiences and engaging in growth opportunities. Graduates today will experience more job changes than past generations; by gaining a broader range of experience through different roles, you will diversify your skill sets while becoming more adaptable to new challenges. It’s time to be the boss of your career!

The Career Professionals of Canada suggest some ideas that will help you to make that happen:

  • Be prepared and well-researched.
    Know your market and develop a strategic job search plan according to your goals, interests, market, and industry.
  • Be a persuasive communicator.
    Be able to explain the skills and competencies that make you stand out from your competition.
  • Be up to date with industry requirements and cultural trends.
    Lifelong learning and continual skills development will leave your options open as you progress through your career.
  • Be strategic about developing your network and seek out mentorship opportunities.
    Don’t just get connected, maintain your connections and don’t be afraid to ask for information or advice.
  • Be flexible when faced with roadblocks.
    Don’t attribute blame to yourself if you experience rejection, let this fuel your motivation to succeed.
  • Be creative.
    Think outside the box and propose solutions while incorporating others’ feedback.
  • Be responsible.
    Consider other sources of income in order to sustain yourself in an unstable job market.
  • Be smart.
    Take advantage of the resources that are available to you in your career centre and community.


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