Chapter 3: Diversify Your Job Search Strategy

Method 5: Career Related Fairs & Events

Method 5: Attend job or career fairs, employer information sessions, and networking events.

A career fair is normally when many employers gather at the same venue to promote their
organizations with the intention of recruiting candidates. An employer information session is characteristically when one employer delivers a presentation about their organization to a group of interested candidates; this is often followed by a question and answer period, a networking session, or a brief interview. A networking event, which can be general or industry-specific in nature, offers a platform for making new connections and the opportunity to speak with other industry professionals in a more formal setting. In a world that has turned mostly online, getting out and meeting people face-to-face, where the expectations are already set out for you, offers great value in your job search.

Employers are prepared to speak with you directly about your experience and skills and it becomes the perfect opportunity to not only network, but also set yourself apart from your competition. As you will be one of many attendees, the pace may be very quick, so understand that you won’t have a lot of time with each employer:

  • Be well-researched on who will be attending.
  • Know what you want to say to each employer.
  • Present yourself professionally.
  • Have engaging, open-ended questions prepared.
  • Secure contact information so that you can follow up and remind them of your conversation.
  • For more information on upcoming events check out: HireAC, Eventbrite, Meetup, TenThousandCoffees.


Check out the Employment Support Centre’s LinkedIn page to find out more about upcoming events and workshops!


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