Chapter 3: Diversify Your Job Search Strategy

Method 8: Business Networking Cards

Method 8: Make business networking cards.

You might be thinking, isn’t it only appropriate to have a business card if I have a job? The answer is no; as a job seeker, a business card is a great way to leave a lasting impression while also giving the employer or industry professional a way to contact you in the future. Sure, handing in a resume provides more detailed information, but providing a tailored business card will likely end up in their wallet or their pocket versus getting lost in that giant stack of resumes they’ve already been given. When they empty their pockets, they may be more inclined to think of you and the conversation that was had. It is essential to include your name, phone number, and email address on your business cards. Beyond your contact information, you can consider adding a title, or the program you are in, areas of knowledge, your LinkedIn URL, personal website, online portfolio, or blog links. Be creative, select colours and styles that match your personality and your industry, and add a logo or design to really emphasize your brand.


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Here is an example of a student’s business networking card:


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