Chapter 2: Revitalize Your Job Search Documents

Portfolio Uses

Before the interview:

  • Select pieces of your portfolio that are most relevant for the job or create a short version of your master portfolio.
  • Indicate that you have a professional portfolio on your resume or cover letter, and provide a link if your portfolio is accessible online.
  • Ask the employer if you will need access to internet or a computer.
  • Practise answering interview questions using your portfolio.

During the Interview:

  • Keep the focus on you, not on the portfolio. Your portfolio is supplementary and should be incorporated at the end of your answer when applicable.
  • Ask permission of the interviewer(s) before showing items from your portfolio.
  • Use your portfolio strategically; you do not need to reference it for every question.
  • Provide individual items to interviewer(s), avoid giving over your whole portfolio.
  • Be prepared to leave copies of your documents with the employer after the interview.


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