Chapter 3: Diversify Your Job Search Strategy

Method 4: Social Networking Websites

Method 4: Use social networking websites.

Social media and the ability to network through various online platforms have opened up a whole new world of opportunities that you didn’t have access to through traditional networking methods. Social networking websites allow you to more easily connect with people you may not have otherwise known. It allows you to more efficiently update your contacts on your current employment status and it is seen as a more convenient and acceptable way to exchange information on a regular basis. More often than not, employers are using LinkedIn to search for, pre-screen, and evaluate candidates. Among the most common social media sites are LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Use these platforms to:

  • Research companies and people of interest.
  • Reach out to your networks, exchange information, and maintain regular contact.
  • Post status updates or send messages that indicate you are looking for a work or information.
  • Search for jobs that are being advertised and apply directly through the platforms.
  • Connect with people you don’t already know.
  • Participate in discussions or follow companies and groups.
  • Create and post content.


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