Chapter 3: Diversify Your Job Search Strategy

Method 6: Recruitment Agencies

Method 6: Register with recruitment agencies.

A recruitment or a placement agency typically acts as the “middle man” between you and an employer. The employer hires the agency to assist them in finding suitable candidates to fill their positions, reducing the time and resources they would have to put into recruitment. There are many different agencies that you can use; some may be specific to a certain type of work (i.e. engineering, legal, administration, and labour). Common practice for many agencies involves meeting you one-on-one and conducting a brief interview to set up a profile and then informing you if and when an opportunity presents itself that matches your profile.

Many agencies in the Ottawa area post government opportunities. If this is something you are interested in, obtaining a short-term contract may help you get your foot in the door and put relevant experience on your resume. Some agencies will suggest that you apply to their openings online. They are bombarded with new clients every day, that is why it is essential make sure to gain a contact name within the agency and follow up frequently when you see positions that match your skill set. Depending on your job goal, agencies can be another helpful method, but you should never put all your eggs in one basket, it should be one of many methods that you are using.


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