Chapter 3: Diversify Your Job Search Strategy

Method 1: Personal & Professional Networks

Now that you have a better idea of how to describe to your contacts what you can offer, here are some different methods you can use to put your 30-second elevator pitch into practice.

Method 1:  Tap into your personal and professional networks.

There is really no better place to start than with the people in your life that already know you. Develop a broad list of contacts including family, friends, neighbours, classmates, professors, current and previous coworkers and managers, and people you have met through various extracurricular, social, religious, and business activities. After you’ve developed your list, spend time talking to the people in your network and inform them that you are looking for work and let them know what kind of work you are looking for. Organize your network contacts and communicate regularly about your current needs, so that they can assist you better.

Here are some ways that you can utilize your existing networks:

  • Ask your network contacts for information or referrals to companies or industries and job leads.
  • Request an introduction from your network contacts. Ask if they can call or email people within their networks to introduce you.
  • Research your network contacts’ connections and inquire about people who are of interest to you.
  • Always keep your networks informed of how they have helped you and thank them often
    for their efforts.
  • Help your network too. Share any contacts, advice, or job leads that would be of interest
    to them.


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