7 Getting help from Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring program provides an opportunity for Niagara College students to get course-specific help from a student who has completed and excelled in the course. Peer tutors provide support to students who require clarification of course material, guidance to find answers to their questions and encouragement to become independent learners. Tutors will help explain course content in simplified terms, but students will be required to do all course work on their own. Tutors will not proofread or assist with assigned homework.

All peer tutoring appointments will be held online for the Fall term. Students can book an appointment up to one week in advance to meet with a tutor online.  Professionalism must be maintained during appointments and students must adhere to the Program Expectations, as well as all aspects of the NC Student Code of Conduct.

This is a free service and students can independently make appointments with approved tutors as needed. Check out the Peer Tutoring website to register, book appointments and connect with an approved tutor online!



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