4 Getting started with Microsoft Office/Teams

Microsoft Office

For Microsoft software there are two student offerings available. The first is the Microsoft Student option through niagaracollege.onthehub.com/ . Register with your school email address to receive Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac operating systems completely free. The second is through your Niagara College Office 365 account portal.microsoftonline.com . Below is a summary of the differences between these two offerings:

  1. Microsoft Student option has downgrade rights to earlier versions. The Office 365 offering is equivalent to 2016 and new features are delivered through the cloud.
  2. Microsoft Student option provides perpetual rights so you may use it indefinitely. Office 365 can only be used while you are a current Niagara College student.
  3. Microsoft Student option is installed via the traditional methods (MSI/EXE). Office 365 is installed as a virtual app, streamed to you. It also requires devices to be connected once every 30 days to validate licensing.

Information on “How to login to 0365 and download Office 2016” can be found here.

Microsoft Teams



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