17 Getting help from Indigenous Education

About Indigenous Education

Indigenous Education’s mission is to provide academic and cultural support, in a culturally sensitive manner, and encourage Indigenous student success.

We understand that it can be a difficult transition for you as an Indigenous student when moving to another community. The Indigenous Education staff provides assistance to enhance your academic, personal, social and spiritual life while attending Niagara College. We work closely with Indigenous communities and organizations to enhance success for you, our current students, and prospective students.

Our goal is to help all Indigenous students make their transition into the College community rewarding. We recognize that the transition may be difficult due to differing cultures and perspectives.


Indigenous students are asked to self-identify. There are a number of services available to students who self-identify as Indigenous (First Nations Status or Non-Status, M├ętis and Inuit).

Self-identification is voluntary and confidential and does not require the student to produce any documentation.

How do I contact Indigenous Education?

Need to get in touch? Contact us by email at firstnations@niagaracollege.ca.


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