12 Getting help from Academic Advising

When should I see an academic advisor?

  • You have concerns about your progression in a course, or in your program.
  • You need additional support (i.e. Peer Tutoring, Academic Support Workshops).
  • You’re interested in changing programs.
  • You’re looking to withdraw from your program.
  • You require an individualized academic plan.
  • You want to know more about your options after you have completed your program.
  • If you are an international student you would see your International Student Advisor (ISA) to discuss your academic and transition needs.

What does an academic advisor do?

  • Provide specific information about your program.
  • Help you adjust to college life and the demands of your program.
  • Connect you with additional college supports, and provide tips for academic success.
  • Assess and discuss your academic progress and standing.
  • Assist with understanding Niagara College policies and procedures.
  • Help you establish realistic educational goals and future planning.
  • Provide guidance for successful progression towards graduation.
  • International Student Advisors (ISA) assist with Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada applications.

How do I contact my academic advisor?

You can contact your academic advisor online via email. See the Academic Advising webpage for a list of academic advisors, along with their email.

Additional Resources

See Academic Advising’s webpage on Strategies and Resources for Online Learning for tips and tricks on how to make the transition to learning online.



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