10 Getting help from Library Books/Videos

Library Collection

ncLibraries has streaming video collection, as well as an eBook collection, that you can access to help you with your research assignments. These collections also have books/videos that you might find useful while transitioning to online learning.

***Access to online library resources is made available using your Blackboard ID and password. ***


Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies: A Student Survival Guide

Online Learning: A User Friendly Approach for High School and College Students

Learning to Learn Online

The Guide to Learning and Study Skills: For Higher Education and at Work

The Mindful Twenty-Something: Life Skills to Handle Stress … and Everything Else

Stretch Therapy: A Comprehensive Guide to Individual and Assisted Stretching

Procrastination: Why You Do It, What To Do About It Now

Streaming Videos

Planning and Organization: Crash Course

Focus and Concentration: Crash Course

Procrastination: Crash Course

Ergonomics and Activity at Your Desk


PrepSTEP is a database offered to students by ncLibraries that has self-guided resources and tools for career readiness. It can help students improve core English, math and science skills, supplement developmental coursework, score higher on college placement tests, prepare for graduate school entrance tests, explore careers and build workplace skills, and develop college and life success skills.

Free online access is available to all students at Niagara College.


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