8 Getting help from Academic Drop-Ins

Niagara College students in any program can attend Academic Drop In sessions for academic support. Attend Academic Drop In sessions with questions in the following areas: Writing, COMM, ESL, Math, Science, Statistics, and Accounting. Our friendly facilitators are more than happy to assist you in understanding concepts taught in class.

Fall 2020 Update: All Academic Drop In sessions will be available ONLINE Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, from September 14th to December 18th. Check the ADI website for updates and to reach facilitators during scheduled times.

All sessions are free and there is no need to make an appointment. “Drop In” as often as you like!

Facilitators will help students engage with course material and reinforce concepts covered in class. Depending on individual needs, some students attend only once a term and others attend multiple times per week.

Facilitators can:

  • Help reinforce understanding of concepts taught in class
  • Clarify problems similar to those on graded assignments
  • Review a writing sample to help students identify grammar or structural weaknesses
  • Support students in understanding the requirements of an assignment
  • Determine the best approach to successfully complete their assignments

Facilitators will not:

  • Teach students new concepts or act as a replacement for missed classes
  • Provide question-by-question help on math or science assignments
  • Edit final drafts of written assignments or correct reference lists prior to submission for grading
  • Answer questions on student assignments
  • Predict or explain marks received on assignments. Students should speak to their professor for clarification.


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