30 Peace Studies

Peace and Democratic Society

This peer-reviewed open textbook highlights the inadequacies of some of the widely accepted explanations for violence—including the idea that the world is experiencing a ‘clash of civilizations’— the author makes a plea for a global, multilateral debate on the causes of conflict, and an understanding of the multiple identities of the individuals involved.

May suit: PEACJUST 1A03.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the 21st Century: A Living Document in a Changing World

This peer-reviewed open textbook offers a 21st-century commentary on the original Universal Declaration of Human Rights document, furthering the work of human rights and illuminating the ideal of global citizenship.

May suit: PEACJUST 2B03/3XX3.

Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Law

This book analyzes issues in human rights law from a variety of perspectives by eminent European and Asian professors of constitutional law, international public law, and European Union law.

May suit: PEACJUST 2B03/4J03.


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