33 Peace Studies

The Distinction of Peace

This peer-reviewed open textbook provides a critical account of the social mechanisms that make up the peacebuilding field, and offers deep insights into the workings of Western domination and global inequalities.

Includes: instructor and student resources.

Peace and Democratic Society

This peer-reviewed open textbook highlights the inadequacies of some of the widely accepted explanations for violence—including the idea that the world is experiencing a ‘clash of civilizations’— the author makes a plea for a global, multilateral debate on the causes of conflict, and an understanding of the multiple identities of the individuals involved.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the 21st Century: A Living Document in a Changing World

This peer-reviewed open textbook offers a 21st-century commentary on the original Universal Declaration of Human Rights document, furthering the work of human rights and illuminating the ideal of global citizenship.

Contemporary Issues in Human Rights Law

This book analyzes issues in human rights law from a variety of perspectives by eminent European and Asian professors of constitutional law, international public law, and European Union law.


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