4 Geography & Earth Sciences

Physical Geology

This textbook was written by an earth sciences professor at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia, Canada. This was done in collaboration with academics from various post-secondary institutions across BC and the rest of Canada. It has been successfully adopted.

Includes: applications, chapter summaries, exercises, and solutions.

May suit: EARTHSC 1G03, ISCI 1A24.

Earth Science

This text includes introductions to concepts from level I earth science courses, from geology to water systems. It was developed through Lumen Learning and a professor of Geology and Earth Sciences from Santa Ana College.

Includes: exercises and summaries.

May suit: EARTHSC 1G03, ENVIRSC 1C03, ISCI 1A24.

Open Geography

This website is a resource dedicated to providing high-quality and free online geography resources. There are two relevant textbooks for first-year Geography and Earth Sciences courses which include the majority of topics covered by these first-year courses. The textbooks are Introduction to Human Geography and Introduction to Physical Geography.

Includes: several textbooks, mapping assignments, and a collection of online resources.

May suit: EARTHSC 1G03, ENVIRSC 1C03, ISCI 1A24, GEOG 1HA3, GEOG 1HB3.

Geosciences LibreTexts Library

A collection of open textbooks, assignments, and other educational resources on the subject of geosciences.

Includes: lab experiments, case studies, interactive applications and worksheets.


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