41 Geography & Environmental Studies

Environmental Science

Environmental Science: A Canadian Perspective

This environmental science text has been positively-reviewed and has been successfully adopted by other faculty. This textbook focuses on environmental science from a Canadian perspective. It covers introductory concepts in environmental science, from ecosystems to sustainable development.

Includes: Review and discussion questions, exploring issues, and summaries.

May suit: ENVIRSC 1C03 and ENVSOCTY IHB3/IHA3/2OC3/2RC3.

Environmental Biology

This world environmental biology text covers salient issues in the environment using a biological perspective. It covers introductory concepts in environmental biology, from climate change to ozone depletion.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, and summaries.

May suit: ENVIRSC 1C03 and ENVSOCTY 2EI3.

Physical Geography

Physical Geography.

This Lumen Learning covers some of the concepts of first-year physical geography with a balance of application and theory.

Includes: Summaries, examples, videos, and graphics.

May suit: EARTHSC 1G03.

Introduction to Human Geography

This physical geography text has been positively-reviewed. It covers introductory concepts in human geography, from migration to agriculture.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, and summaries.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 1HA3/1HB3.

World Geography


Geographic Information Systems

Geographic Information System Basics

This geographic information systems text has been positively-reviewed. It covers introductory concepts in GIS, from augmented maps to vector files.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, and summaries.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 2G13.

Nature of Geographic Information

This world GIS text has been positively-reviewed. It covers introductory concepts in GIS, from data and information geography to integrating geographic data.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, and summaries.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 2G13.

World Regional Geography 

World Regional Geography presents an overview of the discipline by introducing students to key themes and concepts in the discipline of geography through a study of the world’s regions. This text approaches geography as experts understand the discipline, focusing on connections and an in-depth understanding of core themes. This thematic approach, informed by pedagogical research, provides students with an introduction to thinking geographically.

Includes: Study notes.

May suit: ENVSOCTY IHB3/IHA3/2OC3/2RC3/2RU3/2RW3.

Environmental Sustainability in Practice

The Environmental Sustainability Research Centre introduces students to five areas in which society is working towards environmental sustainability: education, planning and management, agriculture, geospatial technologies, and communications. These areas reflect the expertise of the individuals involved in the development of the learning modules, as well as provide a sample of the diversity of disciplines, practices, and actors involved in the pursuit of environmental sustainability. The examples chosen highlight the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary nature of environmental sustainability, the complexity of the field, as well as the positive steps that are being taken toward a more sustainable world.

Includes: Examples and videos.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 2EI3, SUSTAIN 2S03/3S03.

Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The purpose of this textbook is to introduce and provide students a foundational understanding of the key concepts of sustainable development and sustainability. There is an introduction to the 2030 Agenda and the sustainable development goals (SDGs), their history, development, purpose, and implementation. Students will learn about each individual SDG, the rationale and examples of actionable solutions that can be implemented at the individual, community, national, and international level.

Includes: Videos, exercises, comprehension questions, discussion questions and recommended readings.

May suit: SUSTAIN 2SD3.

Geography (Human) LibreTexts

A collection of open textbooks, assignments, and other educational resources on human geography.

The Western World: Daily Readings on Geography

In essay format, this textbook considers examples of various sub-categories of Geography in combination with five regions of the Western World.

Includes: Fun facts (Did You Know?)

May suit: POLSCI 3PG3 and ENVSOCTY 2LES/2RW3.

Introduction to Geomatics 

This OPEN textbook was developed as a supplement to Introduction to Geomatics at the University of Saskatchewan. The content of this reader is a mix of original content (95% to 100% of the text and most of the images) created by Professor Scott Bell while other material comes from attributed sources.

Includes: Interactive activities, key takeaways and exercises.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 3GV3.

Mapping, Society, and Technology

This book is about how to read, use, and create maps. The exploration of maps will be informed by a contextual understanding of how maps reflect the relationship between society and technology, and how mapping is an essential form of scientific and artistic inquiry. Mapping is used to address a variety of societal issues, such as land use planning and political gerrymandering. Readers will gain insight into the technical underpinnings of mapping as a science approach, complement on-going interest and activities, or provide an applied focus for research or policy.

Includes: Labs and activities (available under supplementary material).

May suit: ENVSOCTY 2GI3.

People, Places, and Cultures

Human geography emphasizes the importance of geography as a field of inquiry and introduces students to the concept of spatial organization. Knowing the location of places, people, and events is a gateway to understanding complex environmental relationships and interconnections among places and across landscapes.

Includes: Videos.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 1HA3/1HB3.

Human Geography

This textbook explores how humans interact with the environment and how human systems are geographically distributed over space.

Includes: Examples, videos, exercises and questions.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 1HA3/1HB3.

Environmental ScienceBites

This book was written by undergraduate students at The Ohio State University who were enrolled in the class Introduction to Environmental Science. The chapters describe some of Earth’s major environmental challenges and discuss ways that humans are using cutting-edge science and engineering to provide sustainable solutions to these problems.

Includes: Videos.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 2EI3.

Environmental ScienceBites Volume 2

The second volume of the Environmental ScienceBites book was authored by 30 unique undergraduate students enrolled in the course Introduction to Environmental Science at The Ohio State University. The book highlights both articles and posters describing critical environmental issues important to the first-time authors.

May suit: ENVSOCTY 2EI3.

Environmental Issues

This first-year undergraduate open textbook covers the most salient environmental issues from both biological and social science perspectives.

Includes: Summaries, and review questions.

May suit: ENVIRSC 1C03.


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