15 Biochemistry & Biomedical Sciences

The Basics of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry

This peer-reviewed open textbook was developed to suit a one-semester General, Organic and Biological Chemistry course.

Includes: Test questions following examples, and end-of-chapter exercises.

Concepts of Biology – First Canadian Edition 

This textbook was designed as an introductory biology course for non-science students. It has been successfully adopted and it was written by professors of biology. Although this is a biology textbook, the chapters on the cellular foundation, cell division, genetics, molecular biology, biotechnology may apply to the field of biochemistry.

Includes: Instructor resources, student resources, simulations, summaries, exercises, and solutions.

May suit: BIOCHEM 2EE3.

Human Biochemistry

This is a comprehensive text meant for university-level biochemistry courses covering topics such as cellular structure, lipid structure, carbohydrate, DNA, binding, transport, kinetics, metabolism, catalysis, oxidation, and signal transduction. There are links and references for further investigation and chapter-based questions. This largely imitates commercial biochemistry textbooks.

Includes: Simulations, exercises, solutions, and critical thinking questions.

May suit: BIOCHEM 2EE3/3G03.

Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences OER Lab Manual

The Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) OER is a laboratory manual for an undergraduate level 2 Biochemistry laboratory course. The BBS OER lab manual features custom videos of laboratory techniques, interactive content, and elevated instructor resources. The lab manual consists of eleven laboratory experiments immersing students in a directed research project centered on the overarching theme of drug discovery.

Includes: Videos, interactive exercises and instructor resources (Team Think Tank examples and presentation assessment with topics).

May suit: BIOCHEM 2L06.

Cell Biology, Genetics, and Biochemistry for Pre-Clinical Students

Cell Biology, Genetics, and Biochemistry for Pre-Clinical Students, is an undergraduate medical-level resource for foundational knowledge across the disciplines of genetics, cell biology and biochemistry. This text is designed for a course in first year undergraduate medical course that is delivered typically before students start to explore systems physiology and pathophysiology. The text is meant to provide the essential information from these content areas in a concise format that would allow learner preparation to engage in an active classroom

Includes: Examples, summaries and instructor resources (available via a sharing portal at https://oercommons.org/groups/pre-clinical-resources/10133/).

May suit: BIOCHEM 2EE3/3D03, BIO 2B03/2C03, MOLBIOL 2C03 and HTHSCI 1I06.

Chemical Biology & Biochemistry Laboratory Using Genetic Code Expansion Manual

Proteins play vital roles in most biological processes; these roles include acting as catalysts for physiological reactions, as regulators for those reactions, or as structural framework around which these processes can occur. Proteins’ complex organization of diverse functionality in 3D space leads to an astonishing range of function for living organisms. Understanding this intimate relationship between structure and function is the backbone of understanding the natural world and is the key to controlling it.

Includes: Deep thoughts, and lab materials and protocols.

May suit: BIOCHEM 2L06 and CHEMBIO 2L03.

Biochemistry 551 (Online Version) Lab Manual

Biochemistry 551 covers biochemistry-centered theory and techniques. It is designed for upper-level undergraduate students majoring in Biochemistry. Students learn how to apply a broad range of biochemical, genetic, and physical techniques to modern biochemical research. Students also learn how to analyze and interpret the primary scientific literature, develop an understanding of the communication of data, and connect biochemical techniques to basic research.

Includes: Lab procedures, lab assignments, and mini lab report.

May suit: BIOCHEM 2L06.


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