Changes from Adapted Resource

The following list provides a high-level overview of the changes made to the adapted text in the development of this one.

  • Changed several of the titles of the chapters to incorporate Human Resources terms.
  • Added the Human Resource perspective into the chapter text. For example, provided this perspective anywhere Human Resources could provide support to the project i.e. steps, processes.
  • Expanded on concepts as they relate to Human Resources i.e. teams, project manager, communication.
  • Added Human Resources role as a strategic partner in Structures.
  • Added HR in Focus boxes.
  • Added information about the culture of organizations.
  • Grouped some of the chapters together i.e. Project Life Cycle (took pieces from other chapters that fit with life cycle like scope, charters and proposals).
  • Grouped Scheduling Resources and Budgets together.
  • Included a section on Evaluation in Project Closure.
  • Added a Chapter on International Projects (CH10).
  • Added Human Resources Check Your Knowledge interactive resources to existing questions
  • Added videos related to Project Management
  • Added key terms at the end of each chapter.
  • Added Think! Boxes for critical and reflection thinking.
  • Reorganized the chapters so students get a “feel” for structure, culture, roles of project manager and teams before immersing themselves into the actual details of projects
  • Removed 2 chapters: Ch 12: Outsourcing and Ch. 13: Progress and Performance Measurement and Evaluation


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