Chapter 1 – Introduction to Project Management for Human Resources

1.8. Chapter Summary

Human Resources and Project Management are two skill sets that are essential in today’s world of work. Human Resources is about “people”, the greatest assets in an organization.  Project Management looks at processes for improving productivity and performance leading to more profits.  Combining the two skills leads to successful organizations.

Projects are a temporary endeavour with a dedicated team of people who are brought together to complete a new product or service or improve on an existing one. The three broad categories of project management include strategic, operational and compliance. Traditional Project Management has been around for centuries and evolved over many years, becoming a primary element of many organizations. Project Management is both a science and an art. The Project Management Institute ((PMI) is a world-wide organization that has set standards for Project Management to ensure all projects are guided by best practices. Projects consist of four primary components called the Life Cycle of a project.  They include initiation, planning, execution (implementation), and closure.


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