Chapter 9 – Project Closure and Evaluation

9.11. Summary

Performance appraisals is a process of creating a project environment where people can perform their best during the project to meet the project outcomes.  Prior planning by Human Resources to set criteria, outline the performance appraisal plan, and inform the team members is important.  As well, Human Resources needs to “check in” with team members to see how they are progressing with the project.  At the end of the project, the performance reviews are conducted.    Individual, team and Project Manager performance reviews are standard post projects.  The information derived for the performance review can come from various sources.  The performance review must be free from bias and prejudice.  The appraisers must understand and/or be trained in how to complete performance appraisals.  The 360-degree approach is popular whereby information is sought from many sources and compiled into one report.



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