Chapter 7: Pharmaceuticals

This chapter includes the interactive presentation on the following subtopics linked to over the counter medication: structures, toxicity, and metabolites in biological fluids. A case from the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) highlights the use of biological matrices for testing of common pharmaceuticals and their metabolites to establish the cause of death.

The podcast starts with the highlights from the government websites on drug abuse, followed by the literature article on the topic of OTC and fatalities in children. The case is brought in to showcase the importance of considering OTC in toxicological reporting and interpretation.


Interactive Presentation

Please use the navigation arrows located at the bottom centre of the presentation window to move through the 49 slides in this interactive presentation.

There are also 4 questions throughout the presentation, which you will receive immediate feedback on and can retry multiple times.


Slides: Module I Ch 7 Pharmaceuticals



This podcast episode [12:56] starts with the facts on misuse of OTC followed by a study on fatalities in children associated with OTC exposure. The case also highlights how OTC pharmaceuticals need to be considered by a toxicologist during analysis, interpretation and reporting.

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OTC Pharmaceutical podcast

Audio Transcript

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Chapter 7: Over The Counter Pharmaceuticals – TRANSCRIPT


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