Chapter 1: Sample Collection and Storage

This chapter includes the interactive presentation on the following subtopics linked to samples: collection, storage, degradation, preservation and stability. The cases from the Canadian Legal Information Institute (CanLII) highlight how drug stability and degradation vary between matrices and may influence the interpretation of data.

The podcast summarizes three cases where the sample storage, drug stability, and matrix type are in question and must be considered by a toxicologist.


Interactive Presentation

Please use the navigation arrows located at the bottom centre of the presentation window to move through the 41 slides in this interactive presentation.

There are also 8 questions throughout the presentation, which you will receive immediate feedback on and can retry multiple times.


Slides: Module II Ch 1 Collection and Storage



This podcast episode [13:00] provides an overview of three cases on the topic of sample collection, storage, stability, and preservation, and describes how these factors must be considered by toxicologists during interpretation or reporting.

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sample collection and storage podcast episode

Audio Transcript

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Chapter 1: Sample Collection and Storage – TRANSCRIPT


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