Who is Involved?

Content vs. Context Experts

When we think about who should be involved within the KMb strategy it’s important to note the inclusion of both content, as well as context experts (Attygalle, 2017).

Content Experts are professionals, staff within an organization, service providers, and leaders with formal power who have knowledge, tools, and resources to address the issue.

Context Experts are people with lived experience of the situation, including children and youth. They are the people who experientially know about the issue.

What does a career focused on knowledge translation look like?

What is knowledge translation? Spoken word poem.

So it easy to read about KMb and what possible strategies look like but what would doing this work in the real world look like? This video was produced by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health and illustrates what someone in a Knowledge Translation role strives to do through a spoken word powem. ​In our next lesson, you will watch an interview with Knowledge Translation Officer, Jayne Morrish, where she will discus her role in the Institute for Lifespan Development Research at Brock University.




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