Acknowledgement of Sources

Anne Baird

This OER is adapted from openly-licensed online resources by Laura Overstreet and Lumen Learning, as well as an e-text entitled Lifespan Development: A Psychological Perspective created by Lally & Valentine-French (2017). In subsequent revisions of the text citations will be used when the material is takenĀ  directly from these sources or paraphrased. Reframing language throughout the book is used from the Frameworks Institute with permissions. In particular, suggested framing for content related to aging is used.

The adaptation of this OER was funded by an ACE (Adopt, Create, Extend) grant from the Office of Open Learning at the University of Windsor.

Many of the glossary terms are direct quotations from the APA Dictionary of Psychology (n.d.) available at In subsequent revisions of this textbook, the specific source of each glossary term will be given.


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Acknowledgement of Sources Copyright © 2019 by Anne Baird is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, except where otherwise noted.

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