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This guide starts with a section on interdisciplinary resources. It is then organized by broad disciplines reflecting faculties at the University of Ottawa. For each OER, the following information is provided:

  • Title (hyperlinked to the resource) – an asterisk (*) indicates assessment by a uOttawa subject librarian for possible course match
  • Author(s) and affiliation(s)
  • Year of publication or last update
  • Licence[1] (hyperlinked to the licence conditions)
  • Description or abstract
  • Available format(s)
  • Includes (noteworthy features)
  • Reviews (if the resource has been reviewed by subject experts post-publication)
  • Suggested for specific uOttawa course(s)

OER created or adapted in the context of a Canadian institution are identified with the icon of the Canadian flag:

To locate suggested OER, browse the table of contents organized by subjects. You can also use the search box located in the top-right of each page in the online version of this guide to search for a course code, for example, “ENG 1100” (in quotation marks). It will return a list of all chapters that include that code. To locate specific instances of that course code within a chapter, select the chapter and use the search (or “Find”) function within your browser.

  1. We use "licence" with a C, which is the Canadian spelling for the noun. You may also notice "license" with an S for Pressbooks features that use the American spelling.


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