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Accounting (CPT)

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Complex Project Leadership (CPL)

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Digital Transformation and Innovation (DTI)

The Primacy of the Public: Ethical Design for Technology

Marcus Schultz-Bergin (Cleveland State University)


Licence: CC BY-NC 4.0

The Primacy of the Public presents a framework for engineering and technology ethics focused around three core ethical principles: the principle of welfare, the autonomy principle, and the fairness principle. To support this framework, the book begins with an examination of multiple perspectives we may take on engineering and technology, all of which support the centrality of ethical analysis and evaluation. These include the nature of engineering as a profession, the social context of engineering and technology, and the view that many technologies constitute social experiments.

Formats: Pressbooks webbook and PDF

Suggested for:
DTI 5310 Ethics for Design, AI, and Robotics


Management (MGT)

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