14 Practical Tips for More Culturally Responsive Assessments (CRA)

Jennifer M. Tilk, MA, CAIP

MARCH 2021

Transcript below each video.



Tip #1: Start With Small Steps

Tip #2: Be Culturally Aware; Be Culturally Mindful

Tip#3 : Empower Students to Use Their Own Culturally Represented Examples in Assessments

Tip #4: Reflect on What Works and What Doesn’t….. and Change it for Next Time

Future Tips and Thoughts; YOUR TURN?!!!




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Jennifer Tilk, M.A., CAIP, is an Adult Educator, Experienced Consultative Sales and Market Research Professional in all aspects of research from consultative sales, questionnaire design through to facilitation of survey panels, marketing and research project management, data analysis and presentation of survey results.  Industry knowledge spans B2B, Public Affairs, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail and Financial Services. She is thrilled to be completing her TLHE Certification from Centennial College in April 2021, and continuing her part time studies in Higher Education in the Masters of Education program at OISE, University of Toronto for Fall 2021.


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