13 Sunrise Stained Glass, London

Career and St. John the Evangelist

Iraboty Kazi

Based in London, Ontario, Sunrise Stained Glass provides custom stained glass work to residences and churches in south-western Ontario. Since opening in 1979, the studio has installed over 7,000 stained glass windows in residences and worked with over 500 churches in various cities in Ontario, providing restoration services, new memorial windows, protective storm glazing, or appraisals and condition reports on the state of their stained glass

The three partners of Sunrise Stained Glass, Roger Chapman, Paul Krueger, and Chris Ball, each has over forty years of experience in all phases of stained glass from design and construction of new commissions to the removal and restoration of old windows. The team has been involved in important church restoration projects, including examining and repairing numerous windows, including the two-hundred-square-foot War Memorial, in St. John’s and restoring most of the Nave stained glass windows including the East & West Transept Rose Windows and the large South End Rose Window of St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica, London, Ontario.


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Sunrise, Eucharist

Sunrise Studios, The Holy Eucharist. St. John the Evangelist, London, Ontario, 1992 (Photograph: Anahí González).

The Holy Eucharist

Artist: Sunrise Studios, London, Ontario, 1992
Dedication: “Given to the Glory of God in thanksgiving for the Little and Scott families.”

The silver chalice, grapes, and shaves of wheat set in a blue circle are symbolic representations of the central tenet of the Anglican church’s worship. The chalice reminds parishioners of the words, “Christ in our midst … This is my body…The is my blood” (Matthew 26:26–28) and affirms the Anglican recognition of the Eucharist. The red borders emphasize the scared elements of this minimalist window.


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